"A" Litter Bellamoon

born 22. 12. 2012



                        mother:                                                                       father:



                    Amber´s Sunshine v.d. Toetesteijn                             Manusia´s Ysbrand

                        Czech champion, Czech junior champion                                                Champoion of Belgium, Germany, Netherland, Luxembourg, Interchampion 

                        Agility MA3, 16th place EO 2012, winner of Novice cup                              European winner 2009, 2010

                       VWD DNA free, eye tested, patella 0/0, ENM carrier                                  VWD DNA free, eye tested, patella 0/0, ENM free


                        agility videos


1. girl Attractive Adelle "Flora"

owner Bernd Thomas - Germany

40 cm


2. boy
Asterix´s Amulet "Asty"

owner Jitka Humpolcová Prague


3. girl
Amazing April "Riva"

owner Nataša Konobelj Slovenia

39,5 cm 10,4 kg, JCAC, BOB, Agility A2


more photos video tricks  video agility more videos

4. boy
Apricot Ace "Andy"

owner Alice Vrbíková Prague


5. boy
Airforce Attack "Cookie"

 owner Julie Critchley, UK

42 cm 13,8 kg


6. boy
Arctic Audi "Sparky"

owner Aliki Jaworska, Poland

7. girl
Absolutely Love "Angie"

owner Marcela Götzingerová Havířov

40 cm, CAJC


video agility




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