"G" Litter Bellamoon

born 18. 12. 2018


                        mother:                                                                                          father:     



                Comic Caillin Bellamoon                                                                        Cue Imandra vom Kooikerbeis                                  

                    C.I.B. (Interchampion)                                                                              Agility MA3

                Czech junior champion, 5 x CAC, 6 x CACIB, 4x BOB                                      VWD DNA free, eye tested, patella 0/0, ENM free  

                Agility MA2                                                                                            full teeth

                VWD DNA free, eye tested, patella 0/0, ENM carrier                                      40 cm

                37 cm, full teeth                                                                                    


1. girl - Galadriel Grace
owner: Daniela Pancířová


2. girl  - Greatest Ginny
owner: Matyáš Mlíka



Father "Cue" is not related dog, living in Germany. In agility he is very successfull. He has very nice character, he is lively, active dog open to all people and like to work very much.